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4 Ways to Pass the Time Until Your Next Trip

Yacht for Charter
It’s the last day of your wonderful vacation on a yacht and you don’t want it to end. Don’t feel too bad because we know exactly what you should do to pass the time. Here are some activities you should do to get over your yacht depression. We are proud experts by now!

Plan your next yacht vacation
Sitting around the table with your friends and family for Thanksgiving is the perfect time to talk about your next trip! First think about where you want to go next! But although the destination sets the tone for the trip, it is important to think about who will be joining you and the timing of the trip. These elements can steer the ambiance of the trip in a direction you may have not yet ventured. How’s that for overcoming yachtpression?

Yacht Destinations
Learn about yacht destinations
Cannes Film Festival? St. Barts for Christmas and New Years? What about the Mediterranean for the summer? The world is a large and exciting place, and there is no better way to see it than on a yacht. Yachts are comfortable, private and exclusive. Researching and learning about exciting destinations is a fun way to pass the time between trips. When you do actually take your next trip, you will be a lot more prepared when you reach new shores.

Read about different yachts
Have you been chartering the same boat for the past two years? Maybe it’s time to branch out and try something new! Sailing the sea in a fresh yacht can reintroduce familiar sights. World Yacht Group offers a multitude of boats for charter – we can help you find the perfect boat you’ve been waiting for.

Talk about your last trip
All this looking forward to your next trip can make you forget about how wonderful your last trip was! We encourage guest blog posts, trip reports and travel tips from all of our readers. Telling everyone about your amazing yachting experiences is a great way to pass the time until your next trip. Share your thoughts with others who are planning their next yacht trip; we’d love to hear your story! To participate, please contact us at: