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Our New Years Resolution

The New Year allows us to start fresh. Here at World Yacht Group, we want to make life count. So we take our New Years resolutions seriously. Instead of telling you about our desire to go to the gym more often or eat healthier, here is our list of things that we really want to experience this year.

Visit Cannes Film Festival
1. Visit Cannes Film Festival

Okay, so we may have attended the Cannes Film Festival before. But this is one of our “can’t miss” events of the year. Cannes is considered to be one of the most prestigious film festivals of the year. Every year, film production companies charter high-end yachts to sell their films. Seeing all the luxury mega yachts in front of the Palais des Festivals is truly a sight to be seen.

Discover hidden islands that a cruise won’t take you to
2. Discover hidden islands that a cruise won’t take you to

Sailing on a private yacht allows you to explore places like the Bahamas in a way that cannot be seen when traveling on a large cruise ship. Yachts can venture into hidden coves and secret beaches – allowing travelers to make their own discoveries.

Finally go water skiing
3. Finally go water skiing

Many of our yachts have exciting water toys that vacationers can use for water sports. Jet skiing is at the top of our list of favorite activities while yachting. Our new years resolution is to do more of this. After all, we can tan anywhere else.

4. Party in Ibiza until sunrise

This is on our New Years resolution list every year for good reason – Because in Ibiza, the party never stops. With the worlds top dj’s spinning at the world’s biggest and best clubs, you can keep the party going until the sun comes out.

Party in Ibiza until sunrise
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