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The Cannes Film Festival

Cannes Film Festival
The Cannes Film Festival is the world’s most prestigious film festival. Held every May in the beautiful south of France, the festival attracts the attention of celebrities, filmmakers, bankers and private financiers. With films that are screened for the very first time, the Cannes experience is unlike any other.

More spectucalar than the films themselves are the yachts. The Jetée Albert Edouard in front of the Palais des Festivals and Le Riviera is filled with the world’s biggest and best superyachts. For the festival, the world’s wealthiest and influential people call these opulent yachts their home.

Cannes Film Festival
Chartering a luxury yacht is the best way for production companies to impress potential financiers. Companies with yachts have better exposure and stand out more than companies who don’t. More and more production companies are discovering that they are able to better meet their goals when they charter a yacht. Some of the biggest multimillion-dollar deals take place on the yachts.

Luxury yachts, of course, are more than just for strictly business. Every year, exclusive parties at Cannes are held on yachts. Here, the wealthy rub elbows with the most famous celebrities on the planet. And with some of the largest mega yachts able to host up to 300 people, it doesn’t get any bigger and better than this.

Cannes Film Festival With WYG
Cannes Film Festival With WYG In South France

World Yacht Group are the experts in chartering yachts to the festival. We have been chartering yachts to the Cannes Film Festival for years and we take care of everything from the extensive application to securing prime mooring locations in Cannes port.

This year, we are offering special packages for charters to the Cannes Film Festival including 15% off of a luxury yacht. Contact us for more information.

The Cannes Film Festival will be held on May 15-26.

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