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All Inclusive Hotels In Formentera Ibiza for Your Yacht Charter

Trip around spain

When chartering a yacht near Ibiza, no matter how much of a seafarer you are, you’re likely to come ashore at some point. Fortunately, a trip around Spain affords plenty of opportunities for relaxation — but it may take a bit of planning up front.

Sailing near Formentera presents the opportunity to see the shimmering city, and its beaches and the bluffs. Opt for the most luxurious of experiences by staying at an all-inclusive hotel right on the sand. All over the city, there are some truly amazing places to stay while you’re off the boat, and we’ve compiled a shortlist of a few of the best.

Can Aisha

With three beaches inside walking distance of this hotel’s location, the Can Aisha makes a great choice for your trip to Formentera. Can Aisha is an adults-only hotel, which is purported to create a relaxing and low-key environment for the guests. A key aspect of the Can Aisha is the number of rooms they offer — there are five suites (yes, just five!) at the Can Aisha. Expect the pool to be empty, or nearly empty, and the bar to be ready to serve you. This one’s perfect for a secluded romantic getaway, or just a serene break from a fast-paced lifestyle.

Nearly every user review of Can Aisha on uses the word “paradise” in their description of the hotel and their stay. If you’re looking for a calm hotel with great amenities and location, this is the one for you. The thing to note is that the limited number of rooms combined with the great location and service make this hotel a hot commodity. Booking for the hotel stretches into the future, so it’s important to check with the hotel on booking dates to ensure you’ll have a spot.

Riu La Mola

Riu La Mola room

Hotel Riu La Mola

The Riu La Mola overlooks Playa de Migjorn, a popular beach in the Balearic Islands. The facility has over 300 rooms, each decked out with all of the offerings you’d expect from a luxury hotel such as laundry service, room service, and complimentary wifi. The rooms range from stylishly small to plush and spacious, and each is designed with a modern flair that accents the classic environment of Formentera. The hotel has other perks such as a private gym, a bar, a show cooking restaurant, and a private spa. For the sporty guests, find private tennis and volleyball courts on the grounds as well.

If you’re the type to check in, drop your luggage off and explore, the areas surrounding the hotel feature no shortage of excitement. The Can Blai Roman Castle is about a 20-minute walk from the hotel. There’s also the La Mola lighthouse a short drive away (4.5 miles, or 7.2 kilometers). Located at the highest point on the island, the lighthouse is a top tourist destination in Formentera and offers a spectacular view of the city and the coastline. Or, if none of the above destinations appeal to you, you can always walk out of the hotel and straight onto the beach — the Playa de Migjorn is your backyard when you stay at the Riu La Mola.

Bayside Hotel

Apartamentos Paraiso de los Pinos

This hotel is the Goldilocks of Formentera all-inclusive. With 28 rooms and a central location on the island, it comes in just right in terms of size and location. The rooms at the Paraiso de Los Pinos are designed for up to four people, making it unique among the hotels of the area. Equipped with small apartments, each room is also outfitted with its own private balcony or terrace, making this the ideal setting for travelers who want a down to earth and authentic experience in a relaxing atmosphere.  Like the rest of them, though, this hotel includes a beautiful view of the pristine water and easy access to the beach.

Within the hotel is a lunch-only restaurant, Mariaca, which specializes in Spanish cuisine. According to the hotel’s website, no visit to Formentera is complete without experiencing the food of the region. Praised for being innovative with a traditional flair, much of the restaurant’s cuisine is rich in hearty grains and meats, like the paella dish. Others still find that three courses are necessary when visiting, as to experience their homemade ice cream.

Ibiza Gran Hotel

Ibiza Gran Hotel

Move away from Formentera to Ibiza and discover the island’s only five-star hotel. The Ibiza Gran Hotel is undoubtedly the most luxurious hotel experience in Ibiza. From the hotel, you’ll enjoy sweeping views of the old parts of the city, as well as the expanse of the Mediterranean. Expect to receive world-class service, as the hotel staff pride themselves on their efficacy and quality.

Integrated with the hotel complex, there is the Casino de Ibiza, an exclusive gambling facility with an international flair and style. The casino boasts over 100 slot machines in their slot room and a cash Poker Texas Hold’em no limit game. If you travel for the food, you will not be let down at the Ibiza Gran. Within the hotel, there is a luxury breakfast space, a restaurant dedicated to the pool, three other fine dining restaurants that each specialize in something different, and a kitchen for in-room dining. To bring the whole package together, the hotel offers an open spa to all guests.

world class pool

Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel

Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel

The exciting environment of Ushuaia caters to the young and hip. If you’ve come to Ibiza to party, this is the hotel for you. The rooms are outfitted with amenities that aid in a good time, such as the kit dubbed erotic that can be yours upon request and at a nominal fee. Each room is an homage to the high life, with names like the “Oh My God Room” and the “Anything Can Happen” room.

Within the hotel, there is a stage where live music events are held. The pool is directly in front of the stage, with a clearing for foot traffic. There are also VIP sections for viewing the stage that include access to one of the six hotel’s restaurants. Where food is concerned, rest assured that this luxury hotel includes fine dining and top notch service.

luxury pool and hotels

Take the Next Step

Now that you have an idea of where you could stay during your private yacht charter, it’s time to book your room — and your dream vessel — before spots fill up. Choose a yacht tour near Ibiza that passes near Formentera, and you’ll be all set up for your perfectly peaceful getaway.

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